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Hello! I'm Valeh

Welcome to my site. I’m known as a strategist with unique strengths in connecting the dots and recognizing patterns to improve the user experience.

I enjoy problem-solving and taking the puzzle pieces of a distressed organization to create order from chaos. I’m also known as a firefighter, bringing my energy and intention to helping businesses get back on track and thrive. Through effective communication, delegation, and automation in a digitally connected environment, my activities result in a positive user-adopted cultural change and clients experiencing the freedom to achieve lifestyle goals (business and personal).

I’m the founder of Engage 2 Engage, a digital marketing services company, and President and Owner of Acolyst, a strategic business cultural transformation consulting firm.

I’m also an accomplished speaker, bestselling author, and coach. I’m passionate about improving people’s lives through strategic planning, collaborative teamwork, automation, and delegation.

Valeh Nazemoff - Marketing

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Want the freedom to achieve your lifestyle goals? Remove the obstacles and accomplish more. Get on track to thrive!

I have 2 businesses, each with a different market and audience focus. One focuses on SMB, the other large enterprise (govn’t).

My 4 books stimulate your mind and grow your business so you can inspire, impact, and innovate. Get some now for FREE.

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