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Here's What We Will Cover In This
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Day 1: Map It Out for the Bigger Picture Journey

Friday 9PM EST / 6PM PST

In an effort to remove uncertainty, struggles, overwhelm, and frustration, I will personally be guiding you so that you can get organized and focus on your strengths, for the bigger picture, using my Three E Model, and take action accomplishing the exercises to launch!

Day 2: Content Clarity & Transformation

Saturday 4PM EST / 1PM PST

Learn from my carefully crafted formulas, tips, techniques, steps, and tools. Plus my Communications Framework – fusing from neuroscience, psychology, organizational behavior, emotional intelligence, human factors, analytics, case studies, and my own company’s lessons learned with years of client and partner engagements, the approaches are proven and designed to help you deliver value!

Day 3: Finish & Launch Your Message to the Market

Sunday 7PM EST / 4PM PST

You will receive a mix of templates including My Message Script Template, worksheets, guides, and materials to put into action so you experience the simplicity of the changed approaches I give you…

And to hold you accountable, you submit the exercises and I review them (Yes Me!)

…and much more

YES, there will be some prep-work involved....
Yes, there will be homework....
But, you'll be taking steps towards building and launching!

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Some Personal Messaging Success Stories I Will Share:

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Normally $300
YES! I want the boost to ignite my spark and launch in 3 days!
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