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Hello and welcome…. You are on this page to learn a few things about me – so I’ll get right to it….

Through effective communication, delegation, and automation in a digitally connected environment, my activities result in a positive user-adopted cultural change and clients experiencing the freedom to achieve lifestyle goals (business and personal).

I’m the founder of Engage 2 Engage, a digital marketing services company, and President and Owner of Acolyst, a strategic business cultural transformation consulting firm.

  • I’m known as a strategist with unique strengths in connecting the dots and recognizing patterns to improve the user experience. Also known as a firefighter who brings energy and intention to help businesses get back on track from their delayed projects (ex: brought a 2-month delayed project for the CTO of the USPS back on track).
  • I enjoy problem-solving and love taking the puzzle pieces of a distressed organization and then helping to create order from chaos.
  • I’m talented in communicating and driving requirements into results!
  • Beyond being a strategist, I have a background in running complex high-intensity projects, and managing resources and relationships.
  • Professionally, I’m known as a go-to business transformation, automation, and data strategist expert. 
  • Referred to as the “tipping point”
  • My niche is transforming businesses and organizations by sharing formulas, frameworks, and models designed by my own extensive experience and written in my published books.
  • My methodology helps executives and decision-makers create a strategic plan and approach future challenges practically, positively, and proactively.
  • I’m recognized as an accomplished speaker, bestselling author, strategic advisor, coach, and consultant.
  • I’m passionate about improving people’s lives through strategic planning, collaborative teamwork, automation, and delegation.
  • I blend research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, organizational behavior, and analytics.
  • Focusing on overall business performance, my work has involved the collaboration, communication, and engagement of various organizational departments including marketing, IT, legal, finance, HR, and operations.

I'm Best-Selling Author - Published 4 Books

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Currently, my 4 published books are:

  • The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind: How to Rewire Your Brain and Your Business for Success
  • The Dance of the Business Mind: Strategies to Thrive Anywhere, From the Ballroom to the Boardroom 
  • Supercharge Workforce Communication: 6 Exercises that Reshape Mindsets to Optimize Digital Transformation Adoption
  • Energize Your Marketing Momentum…When You Don’t Have the Time or Expertise: Key Automation and Delegation Tasks to Grow Your Business

Some of My Previous Clients Have Included:

  • The White House, Executive Office of the President of the United States (EOPOTUS),
  • United States Postal Services (USPS),
  • Social Security Administration (SSA),
  • New York City (NYC),
  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC),
  • Humana Healthcare,
  • JP Morgan Chase,
  • FedEx,
  • Toyota,
  • Yum! Brands 

Media Publication Highlights

  • Arianna Huffington herself chose to feature my “voice” on The Huffington Post, where she gave me my own column around the topics of mindful awareness and communication.
  • I was also a regular contributor to CIO.com through my blog column series “The Mindful CIO.”

New York's Times Square

Some Media Featuring Valeh and Her Work

My Education & Some Recognition

  • Psychology Degree
  • 2 Master’s Degree (MBAs)
  • Leadership awards

Additionally, I’ve been a book reviewer for the New York Journal of Books.  Some books reviewed have been of influential leaders and high-status speakers like Sallie Krawcheck and Jill Konrath.

Coaching and Workshops

Coached and conducted workshops with attendees from:

  • Harvard University,
  • IBM,
  • Walmart,
  • Erie Insurance

Taught and mentored students on various business topics and skills from:

  • George Mason University,
  • University of Mary Washington,
  • University of Phoenix,
  • Marymount University

My Hobbies

I love to dance international Latin where styles include:

  • Salsa,
  • Merengue,
  • Cha Cha Cha,
  • Samba,
  • Rumba,
  • Paso Doble 

Fun Fact: Recently traveled to Colombia to learn how to dance the Cumbia!

Connect With Me

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