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Learning about what you want to do, wishing, dreaming, and becoming is one thing….
Walking alongside Yana and Valeh as you achieve your goals with intensity, focus, and fun….
Enhancing awareness and stimulating creativity… Well, that is quite another level of freedom growth leading to peak performance (and loads of laughter) you can’t get elsewhere….
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What is the Engage 2 Engage Members Circle is About?

If you have an idea that is innovative, impactful, and inspiring, but don’t know where to start, don’t know how to get your messaging across, and are uncertain how to bring your vision to life, then this community is for you!

Who is The Engage 2 Engage Members Circle for?










So, What Exactly Is Included In The Engage 2 Engage Members Circle?

Monthly Lessons

You’ll get 2 Engaging Lessons in your membership portal released every month. We will walk you through the behind-the-scenes (good, bad, ugly, and pretty) as we share with you the most achieving “dance” we’ve applied to get us thriving to our freedom, fun, fabulous life!

You will need to pour some coffee, tea, glass of wine, or cocktail, as we go through some planning and implementation exercises for you to put into action – getting steps closer to your goals!

Free Virtual Events

You’ll receive free passes to two annual Engage 2 Engage Weekend Virtual Events. Yes! That’s right… 2 events!
These incredible, inspiring, and fun-filled action-focused weekends will take you behind-the-scene to the studio green room, put you in the artist’s chair…and leave you refreshed, energized, and dancing in your journey to leap forward…. (let’s cheer to that!)

Plus, you’ll get practical, powerful steps, and strategies that you will start working on with us in the “virtual room” to help you put into practice, so you can grow, expand, evolve, and thrive!

Monthly Asks!

As long as you are a member, every month, you’ll be able to submit 1 burning question where Yana, Valeh, and our team of experts answer any strategic or technical question you may have.

Enjoy the security and support of having Yana & Valeh in your corner every month for advice, support, trouble-shooting, and HOT tips… there truly is nothing holding you back from launching and leaping your dreams to reality or re-navigating to your next “dance” in life!

Quarterly TOP 30

Every quarter, as an Engage 2 Engage Community member, you’re able to access the TOP 30 advice, support, trouble-shooting, and HOT tips Yana, Valeh & team gave to members in the previous 3 months. This includes strategic and technical questions that spans across different industries, different cultures, and different lifestyles..

With tons of experience working hard, with dedication, and competing to standing out …crashing parties and celebrating too….we have the tools to help you achieve your dreams in the fastest and most direct path – so let’s start moving to celebrate!

Don’t Go It Alone

We have seen too many people embark on this journey alone, trying to sift through hundreds of strategies, overcomplicating things, piling way too much on themselves than they needed to, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, then giving up or taking a very long delay…. pause…. That lasted years.

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up running out of time, money, passion, or faith… they even start caving in to a fake belief that they were not meant to bring their dream to life….

After seeing this happen to too many people, Yana and Valeh decided to create an opportunity to learn directly from their most successful strategies every month, and quarterly advise given throughout the prior months, so many can benefit and fast-track to the “dance” they were meant and destined to perform in life!

We teach you how to engage within yourself, motions and actions to take, and movements to engage others for you to achieve success!

NOTE: Your results will vary based on your background, industry, experience and work ethic. So if you are dedicated, committed, and ready to take action, then let’s start dancing!

This isn’t just another virtual membership….

This is a high-end mastermind for serious Engagers!

Exclusively for Serious Engagers Only

Entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries, dreamers, achievers, creators, artists, designers, planners who need a proven way to achieve freedom, fun, and fabulous life goals FAST…

If you’ve watched our actions from afar and would like to create an adventurous journey of inspiring, innovating, and impacting like ours in your niche, industry, culture, and desired lifestyle, then you need to be a part of the Engage 2 Engage Community…

For achievers who are sick of the talking, distractions, and interruptions, and want to have a team by their side to help “choreograph” the music to get “moving”

Ready to Start “Engaging”?

Tired of the interruptions and distractions in your life that put your dreams and goals on hold?

Ever wish that you could just have focus, direction, and clarity so you can have the freedom to spend your time building, innovating, impacting, and inspiring your community and the world with what you are meant to?

Imagine an opportunity to virtually watch over Yana & Valeh’s shoulder every single month and have their support, mentorship, and guidance….

No more doubt, no more confusion, no more uncertainty…

Just the steps you need to take from those that have been there, practices, and performed!

Are You Ready to Make Engaging a Highlight in Your Life?

If you do decide to join The Engage 2 Engage Community, and take action, it will likely change your business, work, and life forever.

We will want to get to know you more and review your application after you have signed up to make sure you are a good fit for the Engage 2 Engage Community.

We have a 30 Day Cancellation Policy, absolutely no locked-in contracts! No hard feelings, no questions asked.

Just email [email protected] with 30 days notice and we will cancel your membership for you.

To Be Considered You Must…

Be willing to unplug during the lesson and be open and willing to complete the exercises and upload them into the portal
—immersing yourself in our processes, lessons, exercises is crucial to achieving results.

Need to have an attitude of positive intention and a desire to make an impact
—having a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of others (and not just your own).

Be willing to listen and respect our advice
—If you’re the type of person who thinks you have a problem no one can solve, this won’t be a good fit for you or us. You must be ready to take responsibility and hear the truth.

Be open-minded and willing to learn and share
—you must be open to new ways of thinking and unique ways of applying knowledge

Be 100% committed to applying some very powerful ideas and taking action on them
—including putting into action the strategic plans that result from the lessons and tips.

IF you qualify and agree to diligently dedicate yourself to the processes and techniques that we have in store for you, then we would love to welcome you to the Engage 2 Engage Community.

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