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Learn how to stay competitive while marketing your brand and message… when you don’t have the time or expertise. 

Inside Energize Your Marketing Momentum get practical marketing tips, exercises, and strategies to help you thrive for great achievements and live the lifestyle you desire.

When marketing can feel overwhelming, I break down the stages of the customer journey touchpoints and show you the best ways to stimulate your offer’s message and value to attract, engage, nurture, and convert.

Uncover simple ways to have the confidence of gaining time, freedom, and clients through automation and delegation tasks to keep your marketing momentum going.

Download & Review the Material Worksheets

Download these FREE material worksheets that accompany my book, Energize Your Marketing Momentum:
  • Addressing Your Roadblocks: Bottleneck Audit
  • Self-Discovery Realization
Three E Model™:
  • Project Breakdown: Owning It, Automating It, Delegating It
  • 30-60-90 Day Achieving Plan

Register & Take the Course Challenge

[Bonus] Coaching Support Included

Stop guessing and start growing!

In this 36+ lesson mastermind course challenge, you will:

  • Get Clear on Your Lifestyle Goals and Big “Why”
  • Discover Your Current Obstacles to Overcome
  • Identify Your Buyer Persona to Attract Key Target Audience
  • Craft the Message that Validates Your Offer
  • Build a Value Ladder that Creates Your Version of Success
  • Create a Project Action Plan to Automate and Delegate
  • and More…

Bonus: Our coach (included in this offer), will be holding you accountable throughout! You will also receive a customized Roadmap Blueprint and customized actionable next steps after completing your course modules.

Order & Start the Programs and Packages

Ready to use my marketing team to help you and your business?

I’ve got a few Program and Package options that will fit a variety of digital marketing needs from automation, web tech, SEO content, social media, design, and more. My programs can be as low as $10/hour for a team of experts. Additionally, my marketing services are 100% tax deductible for U.S. businesses, per the IRS.

If you know you need my marketing team but are not 100% sure exactly what it is that you need to elevate your business for attracting, engaging, nurturing, and converting to scale, you can contact me directly.

Here are a few options to reaching me, Valeh:

Otherwise, click on the button below to order and get started on our Programs and Packages.

Apply & Obtain a Loan

If you are looking for an accelerator growth plan because you have a need for multiple marketing activities to happen simultaneously, then our annual programs might be better suited for you. 

The good news is that my marketing company, Engage 2 Engage, provides financing and payment plan options through our 5-step loan application process (which takes about 2 minutes to get your pre-approval).

Immediately upon submission, you will receive multiple offers from our partners with varying loan rates (starting at 5.99%), loan terms (12-60 months), fixed monthly payments, and loan amounts, even if you have a credit score of 580.

Bonus Tip: Some businesses have their monthly financing loan paid for by the passive income they receive monthly through our Partnership program (see below).

Expand & Grow through Partnership

Excited to share that there are 2 ways you can Partner with my marketing company, Engage 2 Engage:

  • White-label my marketing services solution. This is primarily for marketing coaches and consultants that want to offer more services to their clients but lack the expert resources. They want to white-label to use my business resources as their own in an effort to help their clients.
  • Making passive income, monthly, by referring clients to my business. Some businesses refer other businesses as a means to have the passive income pay towards their own marketing services needs. Smart!

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Not only do you get everything in the Pendant and Pearl Program, but you get exclusive and private access to me, Valeh, to be by your side, coaching and consulting you in your business. YES, I, will be working on your business.

Additionally, you will be invited to our members lounge where I, Valeh, will be sharing masterminding insights involving neuro-psychology techniques and more to help you elevate your business for growth.

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Sign-up for my exclusive blog insights where I share tips, tricks, how-tos, and more about the different user journey touchpoint stages:

  • Awareness – Attracting
  • Awareness – Connecting
  • Consideration – Converting
  • Decision – Engaging
  • Decision – Closing
  • Advocate – Promoting
Digital Tool Resources

Learn & Use Digital Tool Resources Info

Want to know about some of the tools I use and highly recommend?

Click the button below to learn about:

  • CRM and email marketing automation tool
  • Sales and marketing funnel builder tool
  • Learning management system (LMS) to create and sell online courses
  • Project, task, resource, and communication management system to help you stay organized

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