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Addressing Your Roadblocks:
Bottleneck Audit

So what exactly is the problem? This worksheet lets us get to the root of your roadblocks by writing a list of things stopping you from achieving your goal.

And OUR goal here is not to let that (whatever the roadblocks are) stop you!

You are strong and capable, and everything is work-out-able!

Self-Discovery Realization

Yes, you CAN do it ALL but is it worth the burnout, frustration, length of time to get there, missed opportunity for focusing on what is really and actually important – like your high-value tasks?

This Self-Discovery Realization worksheet will help you come to terms with how to work smarter, not harder, and not cling to low-value tasks.  This means refusing to do the things that you are bad at and dislike doing – and should not be doing in your business. So, you can focus “on” your business instead of “in” your business.

Project Breakdown:
Owning It, Automating It, Delegating It

Time to get organized! This Three E Model™ worksheet provides a structure to help you determine the milestones, steps, and tasks involved in a project. 

Based on the previous exercise of knowing your high-value versus low-value tasks, you can come to terms with what you do want to own, automate, or delegate as a task for each project.

30-60-90 Day Achieving Plan

Using the Three E Model™, the 30-60-90 Day Achieving Plan will help you determine where to save time and money and where to make it. Plus, what areas to focus more attention on based on the current needs of the business, and more.

As you plan for the different user journey touchpoint category stages (awareness, consideration, decision, advocate), and depending on where you are in your business, the goal is for you to have a consistent 30-60-90 Day Achieving Plan to Energize Your Marketing Momentum.

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