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Re-Shift, Organize, & Elevate Focus Improve & Innovate During Challenging Times

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“Valeh uses a revolutionary strategy to teach you how to retrain your brain to optimize and transform your organization. She leads with a commonsense approach and clear guidance.”

–Shaun Khalfan, Chief of Cyber Infrastructure, Department of the Navy

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Hi, I’m Valeh Nazemoff – best-selling author and change catalyst expert.

Yes! My clients have included The White House, Executive Office of the President, Defense, USPS, FAA, SSA, and other enterprise organizations…

For years, I have helped leadership and their teams establish a culture of innovation and transform their environment to grow, expand, and evolve using meaningful engagements and collaborative design by fusing my proven techniques from neuroscience, psychology, cognitive behavior, emotional intelligence and more….

My Re-Shift, Organize, and Elevate Focus (part of my Three E Model Module training) has been responsible for empowering many to achieve certainty and direction.

Without it, you will waste time and energy trying to figure out what to do next – ending up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed….

With it, you will receive “aha” moments that connect you to the right path forward! My goal is to help you gain stability, balance, and growth!

x Valeh Nazemoff

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