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Are you feeling stuck creating, building, launching, and delivering?
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How to Bring Meaningful and Worthwhile Dreams and Ideas to Life by Driving Change and Delivering Results. Freeing Your Mind to Dance Towards Better Decisions That Give You Time & Freedom to Achieve!
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Which Leads to Inspiring Others, Impacting the World, and Innovating Things That Matters & Makes a Difference
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Using Dance as a Metaphor and Applying Neuro-Psychology Techniques to the Way We Communicate and Interact…Inside This Book, Here Are a Few Secrets You’ll Be Given…
World Champions, Judges, & Celebrities featured in “The Dance of the Business Mind”…
Discover the story and inspiration of “Dance of the Business Mind” from Riccardo Cocchi, 10-time
World Professional Latin Dance Champion, and partner, Yulia Zagoruychenko. Page 90
Vibeke Toft, head of the World Dance Council Education Department, shares what happens when your brain becomes occupied. Page 77
& World-renowned choreographer Allan Tornsberg shares what the point of the mindset journey is. Page 113
Discover what Polina Pilipenchuk, a former six-time national champion and world finalist in the 10-Dance and a world-renowned judge at competitions, has to say about discovering your own personal flair. Page 35
Learn what Dancing with the Stars celebrity, Karina Smirnoff, and her dance partner, Slavik Kryklyvyy, have to say about efficiency and effectiveness techniques and strategies. Page 56
Uncover tips on dealing with strengths and weaknesses from Troels Bager and professional partner, Ina Jeliazkova, World Latin Dance Vice-Champions. Page 82
Discover what Genya Bartashevich, dance coach, has to say about constantly challenging yourself and a few other tips on preparation and launching. Page 93
Get “Visualization Tips” from celebrity trainer and nutritionist, Shawn Rene Zimmerman. Page 96
Dasha Sushko, a former 5-time Russian National Dance Champion and international judge, shares her thoughts about the right mindset on winning. Page 112
“The Dance of the Business Mind” was featured in…
Editorial Review of “The Dance of the Business Mind”…
“In [‘The Dance of the Business Mind’], [Valeh Nazemoff] breaks down the parallels between preparing for a performance and preparing for your next big work challenge — whether it’s launching a product, acquiring a company, or helping heal someone’s pet.”
~ Lauren Steussy, New York Post
“Exceptionally well written, impressively informative, practical and insightful, thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in tone, commentary, organization and presentation, “The Dance of the Business Mind: Strategies to Thrive Anywhere, From the Ballroom to the Boardroom” is an extraordinary and highly recommended addition to personal, corporate, community and academic library Business Management collections and supplemental studies reading lists.”
~ Midwest Book Review
“In Nazemoff’s work, helping businesses turn their data into proactive,strategic solutions, she’s helping executives understand the value of the human element in what can feel like an impersonal business transaction. ‘The Dance of the Business Mind’ explores this powerful idea. Gathering research from neuroscience, psychology and organizational behavior, the author draws impressive connections between your head and your heart.”
~ Hope Sisk, Her Magazine
Review From Some Of Our Readers…
“Reading your book I enjoyed the insight on the fear of success. Being an optimist, I struggle with this. It was really helpful for me to overcome. I also have experience with the fear of failure and feeling evaluated. I now feel courageous and know it is a learning process”.
– Justyna from Poland
“Your book is spot on…placing as much importance on the ‘why’ as the ‘how’…..Scientific research and dance choreography are both fundamentally creative processes, following ideas, doing experiments, following what happens, admitting failures when things don’t work out, and the joy and passion that comes with things that work – especially when they reach other people and contribute to well-being, happiness, and even health.”
– Jack E. Henningfield, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
“Discover your ‘AHA!’ moments as Valeh guides you through the difficulties of facing business challenges.”
– Carolyn Wasylczuk, Founding Business Owner of Just Paper & Tea
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Inside The Dance of the Business Mind, You’ll See:
If you don’t take action putting into motion the idea that keeps you up at night, knowing you can make a difference that matters, here’s what could happen:
1. You will always wonder and ask yourself “what-if” – which means if you don’t let go wondering, it could cripple you to unhappiness
2. You won’t have a chance to experience the freedom you were hoping to achieve with your idea! Imagine never knowing what results you could have gained.
3. Living in regret, knowing you could have been that positive change in someone else’s life…. but you didn’t take action…
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