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The Dance of the Business Mind

Strategies to Thrive Anywhere, From the Ballroom to the

Business and dance appear to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. Business is considered predominantly professional and strategic, while dance is typically viewed as physical and artsy. But these seemingly conflicting worlds are more in sync than we realize.

In this book you will learn how to bring meaningful and worthwhile dreams and ideas to life by driving change and delivering results, so you can create, build, launch, and deliver…

Lead to inspire others, impact the world, and innovate things that matters & makes a difference.

Free your mind to dance towards better decisions that give you time & freedom to achieve! This is your guide to stimulate creativity, enhance awareness for opportunities, and approach with a peak performance mindset and attitude.

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Supercharge Workforce Communication

6 Exercises that Reshape Mindsets to Optimize Digital Transformation

When it comes to transformational initiatives most all issues are communication-related. Supercharge Workforce Communication offers 6 unique actionable exercises that will reshape your mind to connect, engage, and collaborate on various digital (and non-digital) project activities for optimal adoption.

With simple exercises to practice, the effective strategies in this book can supercharge communication and benefit anyone throughout the entire organization. Based on actual recent experienced engagements and stories, including The White House, Executive Office of the President.

Awareness and understanding of the neuro-psychology behind the stories create “aha” moments and help you recognize behavioral patterns to act on by applying the skills learned. 

You will be able to bridge the organizational cultural gap and optimize engagement and adoption.

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The Four Intelligences of the
Business Mind

How to Rewire Your Brain and Your Business
for Success

This groundbreaking book offers practical strategies for business transformation, based on the latest research from organizational psychology, neuroscience, business analytics and multiple intelligences theory.

Valeh Nazemoff, a leading strategic business technology advisor, reveals four different but interrelated types of intelligence essential to today’s executive: financial, customer, data and mastermind intelligence.

Knowledge of these transformational intelligences will benefit anyone from entrepreneurs and leaders throughout entire organizations.

This short, yet impactful book, teaches readers to train their brains in this new way of thinking, apply these skills to their organizations, and influence their companies to adopt these transformation techniques.