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Challenge and Coaching to…
Energize Your Marketing Momentum
So You Achieve Your Lifestyle Goals!

Course Description for Modules 1-3

Stop guessing and start growing. Dive deep to get your marketing operations in order. The lessons and exercises in this course provide you with a doable challenge to elevate you and your business “lifestyle” to the next level. 

NOTE: that this page and promotion is only for Modules 1-3 of the entire course. The full course contains 6 Modules. The total course includes 24+ lessons.

In Module 1-3, 12+ lessons will be covered, with assignments, and coaching support. YES, coaching support is included. If you decide you want to continue to the other modules after you complete Module 3, we will share with you options to access the last three modules.

Now, leap into action as a ton of information will be covered at rapid speed to help you achieve your marketing goals to gain the lifestyle you desire. Get your business on track for lifestyle growth. And build a business culture that gives you the opportunity to live the way you want.

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Key Concepts for Modules 1-3:

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Key Concepts for Modules 4-6:

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Access Modules 1-3 of the Course Challenge & Coaching Now….

Energize Your
Marketing Momentum
to Achieve Your Lifestyle Goals!

Course Modules 1-3 Available Now During This Promotional Offering!

Don’t guess through building marketing momentum. This course module 1-3 provides 12+ lessons of exercises and coach accountability to guide you through.

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Course Content for Modules 1-3

Module 1

Module 2

Lesson 4: Limiting Mindset that Loses Customers

Module 3

Lesson 2: Demographic Data – Customer Intelligence Persona Research

Lesson 3: Psychographic Data – Customer Intelligence Persona Research

Lesson 4: Behavioral Data – Customer Intelligence Persona Research

Lesson 5: High-Ticket Mindset that Wins Customers

Coaching Support

As you submit your assignments and respond to lesson exercises, our coach will be reviewing what plan would work best for you and your desired business model.

Your coach will also be there to hold you accountable, answer questions per the lessons, and provide feedback throughout the course challenge process. Your coach might also ask you questions to clarify the direction you want to move forward with and any relevant topics.

For those that continue in our course program and complete Module 6, you will also receive a customized Roadmap Blueprint and customized actionable next steps after completing all course modules. You will be ready to build, fuel, grow, and scale your business.

Roadmap Blueprints and customized actionable next steps are provided 7 business days after all course completion; post completion of Module 6.

BONUS: This coaching support is included in the price of the one-time course challenge fee.